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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How are Service Calls Charged?
A: Service Calls can be charged on a per call hourly basis or Maintenance Agreements can be purchased that insure a flat Annual charge for Unlimited Visits. Multi-Year and Multiple Billing options are available.

Q: I have a factory or extended warranty, can DTI cover that warranty?
A: DTI deals with most extended warranty companies as well as covering factory warranties from many manufacturers, please contact our office to confirm coverage and schedule service.

Q: Are Extended Hours available for Service Calls?

A:Absolutely, Service can be provided 24x7 7 Days a Week for Projects, Deployments, as well as emergency repairs. We do require a service agreement for emergency repairs after hours and will provide you with a special Contact Number along with your agreement.

Q:Does DTI Provide Third Party or Private Branding service?

A:DTI Provides Third Party Service for many companies and if requested can brand services to the host company to ensure brand continuity.

Q:Can I bring equipment to your office for repair instead of Field Service?

A:Yes, Our office can accept repairs Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM at a reduced labor rate. Please Contact the Office prior to your visit so we may ensure someone is present to take care of your needs. Please bear in mind that Shop service can not be done while you wait but we will repair your equipment as soon as possible.

Q:Can I pay for work and products with a Credit Card?

A:Yes! DTI offers many different options for Payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Open Account and even Paypal!